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Welcome to phpTournois !!

phpTournois is a tool under GNU/GPL licence design to assist the organization of various tournaments, more specialized in the game tournaments in LAN or online. The integration of Matchmod ( and AdminBot-MX ( )makes it possible to launch and recover directly the Counter-Strike matches on the servers with desired maps and parameters.

This is phpTournois family:

Development Team:

  • Nicolas "Li0n" Herreyre (code leader),
  • Hervé "O'Neill" Martin (project leader) (phpT father),

    Team of this phpT version :
  • Laurent "Gectou4" Sémat (code leader),
  • Loki (design, moderator, code),
  • Gwenegan (moderator),
  • Evolution (all beta test),
  • Nicotin (code and fix),
  • @ngelius (code and fix).
  • DragoonMaster (béta-tester ++).

    Béta-testers Team:
  • Killercool (béta-tester ++),
  • S4ruman (béta-tester),
  • Fatboy (béta-tester),

  • Ben64 (Algo man),
  • Nono (M4 intégrat0r),
  • Florian95 (multi-addons),
  • Gimlur, PsYcO, OlyM4rs (idéas and support).

    We are opened to any contribution, for that please contact us:

    You can also share your ideas on the forum: and on IRC Quakenet: #phpTournois

    Thank you to use phpTournois!
    Have Fun!

    The phpTournois team

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